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In 1980, our chairman Mr. Tzong Yih Hsieh founded JIN YIH MOTOR CO., LTD. Chairman Shieh's hard working and straightforward honest leadership demanded continuous company development. Success of Shneg-E increases business at the company facilities utilize,automated production and strict quality inspection to guarantee high quality components and satisfied customers.

‧Continually Train and Motivate all employees. They are the core of our business.
‧Learn and Improve from adversity - setbacks are only temporary.
‧Maintain Flexibility and Adapt to ever changing products and markets.
‧Explore new Ideas & Energy.
‧Research & Develop new products and production methods.
‧Utilize computer automated design and production facilities.
‧Improve Productivity and Reduce Costs - thereby providing the most affordable products.
‧Quality must remain our #1 Concern.
Prepare for rigid entrance into International TS16949 [more]
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